Sermons from May 2021

Sermons from May 2021

David and Goliath

The nation had thrown their lot in with Saul, anointing him as their King to give them military success against the powerful nations around them. but as we have seen, Saul had been a failure and the nation was suffering as a result. But God had anointed a future King, one after His own heart. In this famous story, the future King David steps onto the national stage and shows the people, and the rejected King Saul, where true hope…

The God Who Sees the Heart

Saul has been rejected as King and Samuel is grieving the failures of his reign and the state of the nation. But God calls him out of his grief to see that while Saul has failed, He has not abandoned His people. God sends Samuel to anoint a King of His choosing, and as Samuel seeks this King, we will see something stunning about how our God works.

The Rejected King

Saul has been gradually falling from the grace that saw him anointed as King of God’s people. This has brought him rebuke from Samuel and a failing reputation amongst the people. But this week, our Pastoral Intern Ben Torr, helps us navigate the incident which sees God reject Saul as King. As he does, we will see vital truths about our own relationship with God.

The Lord Who Saves

Saul’s failures as leader had seen his position become very unstable. Hiding in caves and rocky crags from the Philistines, he simply freezes in fear. But Jonathan, his son, will take decisive action and as he does we will see a way that we might be able to stand firm in our following of Jesus.

Waiting on God

As Saul takes the reins of the nation they are once again threatened by their Philistine enemies. The new King Saul must lead the nation against this foe. But in his desire to assert his leadership he forgets the one thing that matters. Pastor Ben helps us see the need to wait on God. NB: There is no video for this sermon, only audio