Sermons from July 2020

Sermons from July 2020

The Way of the Cross

By this time, there was a huge variety of ideas about Jesus that different people held. But in this passage Peter declares a vision of Jesus that does not spring from the ideas of the world, but from God Himself. Pastor Joe unpacks this truth and the radical call that it places on our lives.

Pervasive False Teaching

Jesus was so hated by the powerful religious elite that even opposing factions came together and worked to bring Him down. In today’s passage, Pharisees and Sadducesss unite to accuse Jesus. Pastoral Intern Karl Scott unpacks this encounter to show us how the blind hardheartedness of these leaders can impact our lives as well.

The Compassion of the Christ

As Jesus continues to minister in Gentile territory, we find Him repeating one of His most pivotal miracles, feeding the multitude. But it is the reason He performs this, and many other miracles, that Pastor Joe will challenge us with.

The Outward Trajectory of the Gospel

Having been rejected by the Jerusalem elite, Jesus moves out into Gentile territory. Here He meets a Canaanite woman, and from His interaction with her, we see how the gospel of Jesus Christ will keep moving despite the rejection of powerful people.