"justice" Tagged Sermons

"justice" Tagged Sermons

Longing for Justice

As Jacob and his family take up residence in the Promised Land tragedy strikes… Jacob’s only daughter Dinah is raped.  As we are confronted with the circumstances of this atrocity and how the various people respond to it, we will be gripped by a desperate need for God to reform our thinking about abuse and the brokenness that has surrounded our response to it.  This sermon does contain difficult content. If you have any questions, concerns, or it causes you…

Waiting for Justice

When we look out at a world full of injustice, oppression and betrayal it is easy for us to wonder where God might be… if God is a God of justice, why is the world such an unjust place?  People throughout history have asked this question, many of them have been faithful worshippers of God whose words are recorded for us in Scripture. But when the people of Malachi’s day asked this question, their motives were far from worshipful. As…

The Trustworthy God

When we see violence in the Bible, especially violence orchestrated by God, it is easy to pull back a bit from God and doubt whether or not He is the kind of God that we want to trust. Well as we reach the crescendo of the narrative of Jeremiah, the destruction of Jerusalem, we see God enact a brutal fate on the city and the king… but this judgment will actually fuel our trust in God rather than turn us…

The King for the Broken-hearted

Running through the prophecies of Jeremiah has been a savage critique of the society that the now idolatrous nation of Judah was building.  The poor, the widow, the orphan, and the refugee were being overlooked and left vulnerable. Here in this chapter Jeremiah brings this theme to the fore and reveals something shocking about the heart that was behind these social abuses. 

The Appointed Day

As Christians we often face the accusation that our God cannot be the God of love and moral perfection that we claim Him to be when there are scores of examples of horrid violence in the Old Testament committed by the people of God often times at the direction of God.  Chapter 9 of Esther presents one such case and forces us to confront the reality of Old Testament violence.  Pastor Joe helps us understand this complex issue and how it…

Longing for Justice

Unfortunately we had some difficulties with the sermon audio for this message.  You can find a comprehensive set of notes below.

They never told you what God thinks of hypocrites

To be called a hypocrite is one of the most pointed and cutting accusations in our culture!  It is to be accused of wearing two faces.  The church is no stranger to this accusation, in fact it is one of the most common labelled against Christianity… and not without reason.  Unfortunately many people have suffered because a supposed Christian treats them horribly.  This has left many in our society with a tainted view of God and the idea that He…
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