"Holy Spirit" Tagged Sermons

"Holy Spirit" Tagged Sermons

The New Pentecost

Last week we saw the church was told to wait in Jerusalem for the gift of the Holy Spirit. This week we see the stunning reality of what the outpouring of this Spirit actually meant; what it meant for the small congregation of Jesus followers and what it meant for the world. Join us as Pastor Joe unpacks the Pentecost experience and the first sermon of the church of Jesus Christ. 

The Church in Waiting

The disciples of Jesus had ridden a roller-coaster ride of emotions over the last few weeks.  Their hopes had seemingly been crushed with the death of Jesus and then suddenly birthed back into life through His resurrection. Now they had spent 40 days hanging with this resurrected Jesus. Everything inside them would have been wanting to burst out and tell the world everything that had happened… and yet Jesus tells them to wait.  But it is in this waiting we…

Sanctification – the transforming God

What is it about our salvation that makes it so spectacular? Yes, it is the free gift of God’s grace… but it is more than a simple “get out of hell free card” or a change of verdict from guilty to not guilty… Christian salvation is intimate… intimate because our salvation is delivered to us by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Joe unpacks this intimate salvation and the radical change that it makes in our life.