Easter is one of the most significant events in the life of our church. It is when we commemorate the central message of our faith – the sacrificial death and victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ. This event defines our understanding of God, liberates us to a life of joy, and empowers us to serve others in the same sacrificial way. Regardless of what you think about Jesus, you can’t deny that the story of him giving his life for our sake is both inspiring and captivating. You are more than welcome to join us as we reflect on this glorious story once again.

Friday 19th April:
8-9am Hot-Crossed Buns & Coffee with kids’ activities
9-10am Good Friday Service

Sunday 21st April:
9:30-11am Easter Sunday Service

This event is a free gift from our church to the local community
Everyone is welcome to come and share in the festivities

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