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The Man of Integrity

As Israel moves into a new era with their new king, their old leader Samuel steps back from public ministry. In his farewell address, he bares his heart to the nation and as he does we will be challenged by his integrity and the God he served. NB: No video available for this sermon. Audio only.

God in the Midst of Change

Israel has been on a roller-coast of perpetual change. They have come through seasons of war, loss, victory, corruption, and re-dedication. Now, as Samuel flags that his time in leadership might be coming to an end, the nation begins to look to its future. But will they look in the right direction?

The Victorious God

Last week we saw the shocking and sorrowful moment that God willingly allowed Himself to be defeated in order to remain faithful to His word. This week Pastor Joe looks at what happens to the Ark of God while it is in Philistine captivity and how God reveals two staggering truths about who He really is.

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