Sermons from April 2020

Sermons from April 2020

Miracles (Part 2 – Discipleship)

With Jesus performing spectacular miracles and crowds gathering around Him, we could be tempted to think that scores of people would want to become His disciple… but Jesus takes moments, in the midst of all these miracles, to challenge people of the cost of following Him. Pastor Joe unpacks Jesus’ bold call to follow Him and why the cost is more than worth it.

Miracles (Part 1 – Authority)

When someone is placed in authority over us, we can feel uneasy about it. Our experience with authority tends to make us wary of potential abuses of that authority. So when we talk of following a God who has all authority, perhaps this can cause us to pull back from Jesus. Pastor Joe helps us to see the beauty of Jesus’ authority and be drawn to come under it.

House on the Rock

We all love things to be authentic and genuine, not fake. Well what about our faith in Jesus? How can we know if our claim to follow Jesus is authentic or fake? Pastor Ben helps us see what real faith looks like from Jesus’ teaching about the difference between true and false discipleship.