Sermons from January 2020

Sermons from January 2020

The King is Here

Pastor Ben begins our new series in Matthew’s Gospel by looking at the family tree of Jesus and showing us why Matthew chose to record it in this way. He will reveal the stunning truth hidden in all the names of Jesus’ earthly lineage!

The Man of Sorrows

Ahead of our new series in the Gospel of Matthew, Pastor Joe takes us through one of the most famous prophecies of the coming Messiah to show us how our quest for a saviour is often misplaced and how we often miss Jesus.

The Spirit of Comparison

As 2020 begins and we reflect on what kind of year we had in 2019, it is tempting to look at the lives of other people and compare our situation to theirs… to rate whether or not our year was good based on how it stacks up against the experience of others. Pastor Joe helps us contemplate the New Year by unpacking a vital encounter Peter had with Jesus.