Sermons from October 2019

Sermons from October 2019

The Covenant With God

The Hebrew people stood at the foot of Mt Sinai and God reached out to them in covenant love. But what does this covenant look like? And how can we hope to live in the joy of it, when we fail God so often?

The 10 Commandments

The idea that God makes demands on His people is perhaps one of the most confronting things to our world; more often than not, people view Christianity as a list of rules. So, to a world that views any demand made on them as bad, how can God’s demands be for our good? Pastor Joe unpacks the stunning 10 commandments.

The Mighty Works of God

Yahweh has displayed His mighty works throughout the story of Exodus! However, when He reveals Himself in this way, it opens Him up to be assessed by those watching on. Pastor Ben will unpack the response of two different observers of the mighty works of Yahweh and what they can teach us today.

The Spirit of Grumbling

The Hebrew people have experienced one of the most stunning rescues of all time and they praised Yahweh for all He had done with all their might, with a song of salvation on their lips. But the story of Exodus takes us relatively quickly through 3 encounters that leave a very different sound on the lips of the people… the sound of grumbling. Pastor Joe unpacks the peril of a grumbling spirit and what God does to cure it in…