Sermons from February 2019

Sermons from February 2019

A Plea for Maturity

Pride has a way of making us think we are better than we are. This also impacts the way we view our faith… we all tend to think we are more mature or spiritual than others. This was certainly the case in Corinth, as the various factions each believed they were better Christians than the others. But Paul challenges their maturity and calls them to a more realistic vision of who they are.

Unnatural Wisdom

People strive for success by seeking out every bit of information and instruction they can find in the world. The church in Corinth was seeking the success of the church through seeking the wisdom of Corinthian society. Paul redirects their focus to the foolish message of the cross, the true wisdom of God.

Preaching the Crucified Christ

It is hard for us to imagine the message of Jesus being considered as weak and foolish… but that is exactly how people received it in the city of Corinth. How can anybody worship a crucified leader? But Paul never departed from this foolish message, and he calls us to cling to it as well.

A Plea for Unity

Today we begin a new series in the book of 1 Corinthians. We start by looking at Paul’s joy concerning the conversion of the Corinthian believers, but also his sorrow at divisions that had appeared between them.