Sermons from December 2018

Sermons from December 2018

Human Incarnation

As we continue to explore the wonder of the Incarnation, Pastor Ben unpacks how Jesus’ incarnation helps us better understand what it means to be human and how we can live out our true and glorious humanity.

Humble Incarnation

Many of us resonate with the desire to put the Christ back into Christmas… but perhaps what many people mean by this is simply having a more Christianised version of Christmas… Pastor Joe continues our incarnation series by proposing a way that we can truly put the Christ back into Christmas without it being a trite, superficial gimmick.

Cosmic Incarnation

In this, the first of our Incarnation messages, Pastor Joe looks at the cosmic nature of the incarnation and how we should never lose sight of the radical change the first Christmas made to our world.

Hope for Israel

We come to the end of Jacob’s life.  He is an old man, on his death bed, and all his sons gather around him.  In this moment Jacob will prophetically bless each of his sons and as he does he pushes our minds forward to the nation that will be formed from his family.  As we listen to these blessings, God will challenge us with the reality that our lives need to be formed by the story he is telling…