"suffering" Tagged Sermons

"suffering" Tagged Sermons

Darien Khlentzos: The Sovereign God

The story of Joseph is a beautiful and captivating narrative of one man’s struggle against numerous obstacles including being hated, sold into slavery, wrongfully arrested, and abandoned in prison.  However, through all of this suffering, God shows His hand powerfully.  Missionary Darien Khlentzos follows this journey to show us the wonder of God’s sovereign plan.

Suffering Uncovered

In the vivid throne room scene of last week the conquering Lion that looked like a Lamb, Jesus the Christ, was the only one worthy enough to take the scroll of God’s purposes for the world and open its seals.  But as Jesus opens those seals a frightening vision emerges… a vision of unparalleled suffering for the earth.  But this vision is supposed to be for the good of the churches, to encourage them to cling to Jesus. So join…

Church – The Good

It would have been easy for the churches in Asia to feel as though Jesus was distant to their trials and tribulations. But last week we saw that they powerful and fearsome Jesus stood amongst the lampstands of His church. He knew them and He knew their situation. So when He writes to them, He writes with both knowledge and love. This week we look at two of the churches to see what Jesus commends in His church.

Permission to Suffer

When we ask God, “Why is there so much suffering?” we are not really asking for a logical answer as to the existence of suffering… we are more than likely asking a personal question “Why am I suffering?” And it is to this question that the bible doesn’t have a clear and neat answer.  Instead the bible does something radical… something so much better than a logical answer.

Memento Mori

In most of our life we don’t tend to think about death.  But every now and then we get a chilling reminder that death is not an abstract concept for us humans… it is a very real reality and our very certain destiny.  Now while a sermon of death doesn’t seem that edifying, the fact Ecclesiastes speaks so candidly about it gives  us something that perhaps nothing else in life does… it vindicates the pain and fear we feel around death. …

The Hero we Need

We know that Jeremiah had been given a tough task.  Having to declare the coming destruction of Judah did not make him that popular and we have seen that this has taken its toll on him. Well in this encounter we look at today we see the broken Jeremiah pour out his heart to God and in doing so we will see something stunning about how God longs for us to relate to Him.

Why do the Wicked Prosper?

Suffering injustice is one of the most burning pains that we can face in life.  We feel oppressed, we feel betrayed, we feel like there is nothing we can do… So often we can think that we aren’t supposed to complain about the injustices we suffer… that having faith means putting on a brave face.  But Jeremiah teaches us that God actually welcomes our complaints and longs to help us.

Christmas isn’t Merry for Everyone

It is supposed to be a happy time of year for food, family and fun, but you only have to look around our country and the world to realise that a simply holiday doesn’t change the brokenness and hurt we can face – in fact Christmas can often magnify this pain!  As we start our series on the scandal of Christmas we look at the reality that Christmas isn’t merry for everyone; not now and not at the time of…

Hope in Suffering

Many of us, when confronted with suffering in our own lives or the lives of those close to us have struggled with the question of why?  Why do we suffer?  Why does God allow it? Now while this is a vital and very personal wrestle I want to suggest that it is not the most important suffering question we can ask.  Because even if we can find an answer to why it won’t take the pain away… we are still…

Good Friday: They never told you He chose suffering

We all suffer… and when we go through the most intense times of trial and pain we can very easily feel alone.  We push people away, we dive into depression and we feel that there is no one who understands us and no one who can help us.  This feeling we are alone also extends to our relationship with God as in suffering it feels as though God has abandoned us and is either unable to help us or so…