"Resurrection" Tagged Sermons

"Resurrection" Tagged Sermons

Victory Uncovered (Easter Sunday)

War has captured the imagination of poets, authors and artists.  Mainly because of the great themes of human emotion that all seem to find a place on the battlefield, but also because the average person needs to be transported to the battlefield.  We don’t know what war is like so we need these artists to take us there.  Revelation 12 stands as a vivid and powerful description of another battle that we need to be transported to, an invisible battle…

The Witness of the Church

Many in the Christian church have theories about what the church should do with the increasingly hostile or ignorant response of our society to Christianity.  But here in Revelation 10-11 God uncovers how His true church does respond when confronted with a hostile context.  This reality should redirect our thinking from the speculative theories and towards the eternal call that God has one His church.

Easter Sunday: The end of all doubt

There is a moment of doubt in all systems of belief… where you do everything you can to achieve the goal of your faith or the desires of your heart… and then you have to wait… wait to see if it has worked for you. This moment of doubt leaves us lingering in fear that things might not work out the way we want.  As we meditate on the Easter message of resurrection we will see how Jesus being raised…

Hope on the Road to Emaus

Many of us know the pain of placing our hopes and dreams in somebody that we love only to have them let us down… the disciples we meet this morning were feeling this gut-wrenching pain as they wrestled with how the man they hoped would be the Messiah could have let them down by dying and leaving them alone. Well as Jesus encounters these disciples on the road as the travel we will see that their hopes are resurrected and…

Easter Sunday: No Condemnation

This life constantly casts burdens upon our shoulders… the burdens of trying to get everything in our life right… to measure up to the demands of those around us.  But in the story of the empty tomb there is a stunning truth that offers us hope and freedom.  On Resurrection Sunday Pastor Joe reveals the amazing word that God spoke over humanity when He raised Jesus from the dead and how it gives us true freedom!
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