"pride" Tagged Sermons

"pride" Tagged Sermons

Swindled by Pride

Though they were twin brothers, Esau and Jacob were vastly different from one another.  And like many siblings these differences flow over to a sibling rivalry – the boys had been engaged in a wrestle against one another for their entire lives.  In the passage we look at today this rivalry comes to the fore as the younger brother uses the older brother’s weakness to deceive him.  But as we engage with this story we will see that the trigger…

Wisdom for our plans

From very young we are taught that having a plan is vital to success. The Proverbs seem to back this up as they highlight the wisdom that exists in a well planned venture.  But Proverbs also tells us that planning has its limitations.  Dave Evans will help us to see why our plans aren’t all they are cracked up to be and how we can honour God with the way we plan.

Rage Against Wisdom

Every one of us have a trigger… some people have more than one… some people have quite a few… something that triggers a rage inside of us that all too often works its way out into the lives of those around us. When traditional anger management techniques fail time and time again we need a more permanent solution to our rage. Pastor Joe unpacks the deeper cause of our anger and how God calls us to overcome it. The meme…

The Long Arm of Salvation

King Nebuchadnezzar of Bablyon had defeated the Assyrians and the Egyptians and eventually pressed in on Judah. Without a chance of survival, the king of Judah surrendered and he, his family and 10000 of the culturally elite of the nation were carried off into captivity. Many thought these exiles were the bad fruit that God had weeded out of Judah and those that remained would be refined for his purposes. But God shows Jeremiah a vision that turns this thinking upside down and…

God is Light

When we are convicted of our sin it can often feel painful… this is mainly because our sin is pretty much always driven by our pride and so when we get ourselves into trouble it is a slap in the face to our pride as we realise we are not as good as we thought we were. As John continues to unpack the implications of the gospel we are going to wrestle with how we should deal with this conviction.

Living Gospel Irony

As the story of Esther has progressed the gap between the characters of Esther and Haman has widened as we have seen Haman’s character deteriorate into evil and Esther’s character flourish in goodness.  Well in chapters 5-6 this progression reaches its crescendo.  And as we continue to observe these two characters we will learn more about the perils of pride, the courage of patience and the way in which God works through irony in this world.

Know the enemy

As we continue in the story we come to chapter 3 with 5 years having passed since Esther became queen.  It is here that the story teller chooses to pick up the action again because the enemy of the people of God has been promoted to prominence.  This morning we meet Haman and we hear of his scheme to completely destroy the Jewish people and as we learn more about the enemy of God’s people in Susa we will also discover…

Longing for a better king

This morning as we start to journey through the story of Esther we meet the first main character… the leader of the Persian Empire under whose reign Esther and the other Jews were forced to live; King Ahasuerus.  And from the very outset we see that he is a man completely engulfed by his own pride… a man whose leadership is designed to stroke his own ego… and a man who would give anything to maintain his grip on power.…

Water of Life

So often in this series we have seen Israel get frustrated with a small thing and let it turn them against God.  Yet again in this passage we find the people grumbling and complaining against God and Moses because they have no water.  However, this time it is not the sin of Israel that comes under the spotlight.  This time it is the sin of Moses!  The great leader who had battled so hard to keep the people on track…

Presumptuous Pride

When God handed down His verdict against the cowardly and stiff-necked Israel the nation wept bitterly all night… but when morning came they responded in a way that showed they had not fully come to terms with their sin.  As we examine the first few moments after their conviction we will learn how God wants us to respond to our sin and what is His true heart for sinners.
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