Sermons by Joe Khan (Page 3)

Sermons by Joe Khan (Page 3)

A Plea for Maturity

Pride has a way of making us think we are better than we are. This also impacts the way we view our faith… we all tend to think we are more mature or spiritual than others. This was certainly the case in Corinth, as the various factions each believed they were better Christians than the others. But Paul challenges their maturity and calls them to a more realistic vision of who they are.

Preaching the Crucified Christ

It is hard for us to imagine the message of Jesus being considered as weak and foolish… but that is exactly how people received it in the city of Corinth. How can anybody worship a crucified leader? But Paul never departed from this foolish message, and he calls us to cling to it as well.

A Plea for Unity

Today we begin a new series in the book of 1 Corinthians. We start by looking at Paul’s joy concerning the conversion of the Corinthian believers, but also his sorrow at divisions that had appeared between them.

Rest in Christ

We continue our Old Truth for a New Year series by looking at the glorious truth that Jesus is our all satisfying rest. Pastor Joe looks at how this truth can frame our year.

Weakness & Strength

As we think about 2019 and all it holds in store for us, I reckon most of us would be hoping that it doesn’t hold suffering, trial or weakness. Rightfully, we don’t like the thought that a New Year might bring stuff that will make our lives hard. But what if it does? Pastor Joe unpacks how even if 2019 is another year of weakness, there is much that we can rejoice in.

Humble Incarnation

Many of us resonate with the desire to put the Christ back into Christmas… but perhaps what many people mean by this is simply having a more Christianised version of Christmas… Pastor Joe continues our incarnation series by proposing a way that we can truly put the Christ back into Christmas without it being a trite, superficial gimmick.

Cosmic Incarnation

In this, the first of our Incarnation messages, Pastor Joe looks at the cosmic nature of the incarnation and how we should never lose sight of the radical change the first Christmas made to our world.

Hope for Israel

We come to the end of Jacob’s life.  He is an old man, on his death bed, and all his sons gather around him.  In this moment Jacob will prophetically bless each of his sons and as he does he pushes our minds forward to the nation that will be formed from his family.  As we listen to these blessings, God will challenge us with the reality that our lives need to be formed by the story he is telling…

Longing for Justice

As Jacob and his family take up residence in the Promised Land tragedy strikes… Jacob’s only daughter Dinah is raped.  As we are confronted with the circumstances of this atrocity and how the various people respond to it, we will be gripped by a desperate need for God to reform our thinking about abuse and the brokenness that has surrounded our response to it.  This sermon does contain difficult content. If you have any questions, concerns, or it causes you…

Set Free Indeed

On Sunday 18th November 2018 we baptised a young couple.  This is the message preached on that day to joyously reflect on the gospel that saved them so powerfully.