Sermons by Ben Peacock (Page 3)

Sermons by Ben Peacock (Page 3)

The Mighty Works of God

Yahweh has displayed His mighty works throughout the story of Exodus! However, when He reveals Himself in this way, it opens Him up to be assessed by those watching on. Pastor Ben will unpack the response of two different observers of the mighty works of Yahweh and what they can teach us today.

Prone to Panic

The people find themselves hemmed in between the might of Pharaoh’s army and the waters of the Red Sea. In this moment, panic breaks out amongst the people. But God will show them something that moves them from panic to praise. Pastor Ben will show us how He can do the same for us.

The Hardening of a Heart

Yahweh and Pharaoh are standing toe-to-toe, locked in an epic duel… both laying claim to sovereignty over the Hebrew people. As Yahweh begins to chip away at Pharaoh’s hold on power, instead of realising he was out of his depth, Pharaoh hardens his heart over and over again. Pastor Ben unpacks the nature of his hard heart, and how Yahweh shows His power for the good of all who were watching.

The Call of Moses

We love stories of unlikely heroes. God’s people need a hero and we have seen how God raised up Moses to be such a saviour, but he is the most unlikely man to pull it off. A murderer, rejected by his people, and an exile in a foreign land. Even Moses doubts his credentials. But when God calls him, we see how our inadequacy means nothing to Him.

Resurrection Hope

There has been plenty of debate about the validity of the Christian faith or the benefit of the church to society, but when it all boils down to it, the validity of Christianity hangs and falls on one event… the resurrection of Jesus. Pastor Ben unpacks the difference this primal truth makes to our lives.

The Lord’s Supper

Paul continues to address the way in which the Corinthian church gathered together. In this section of the letter he uncovers a worrying attitude with the way they shared the Lord’s Supper. It seems the Lord’s supper had become nothing more than another cause of division. Pastor Ben unpacks Paul’s challenge for us.

Resurrection Sunday

The joy of Easter is not merely that our God died for us on Good Friday, but that He rose from the dead on Sunday morning. Pastor Ben unpacks the glorious implications of Jesus’ resurrection for those who put their faith in Him.

Knowledge and Love

As Christians we know the ultimate truth. There is one God, revealed to us in Jesus Christ, and besides Him there is no other. Knowing this truth however, can make us arrogant to the point where we treat others with less knowledge with contempt… this is never the point of Christian knowledge. Pastor Ben unpacks how we are to let our knowledge be ruled by love.

A Plea for Sexual Purity

The sexual ethic of the city of Corinth was not dissimilar to our sexualised world today. So it was vital that the new church didn’t let the sins of the city frame the way they thought about sex. Pastor Ben unpacks the way the gospel both calls us to, and fuels, sexual purity.

Unnatural Wisdom

People strive for success by seeking out every bit of information and instruction they can find in the world. The church in Corinth was seeking the success of the church through seeking the wisdom of Corinthian society. Paul redirects their focus to the foolish message of the cross, the true wisdom of God.