Return to Gatherings

Return to Gatherings

It has been so good to gather together at church over the last couple of weeks.  We have done everything we can to both comply with our COVID Safe Plan and make sure the services are honouring to God and safe for all who attend.  Below is a reminder of the important details.

  • Time: 9:30am Every Sunday. Please try and come by 9:15am so that the service can begin as close to 9:30 and avoid spending too much time in the morning sun.
  • Service: For the first 15 minutes we will sing together in the carpark before moving to one of three rooms for the sermon: 
    • Downstairs hall – good for those needing easy access
    • Church auditorium – most people should go here
    • Upstairs hall – overflow if needed 
  • COVID precautions: there will be a check-in on arrival where we will log names for contact tracing and hand sanitiser available. It is important for us to maintain an appropriate distance from one another and appropriate greetings.  Also, if you are unwell, please stay home for the benefit of others in the congregation
  • After service: We cannot serve morning tea food.  We can serve takeaway coffees.  We are not supposed to mill around together for too long 
  • Wet weather: In the event of rain, we will still meet, but we will head straight to the rooms for the sermon instead of the carpark

Each week we need helpers for some of the jobs below:

  • Saturday Pre-Service Clean – maybe 2-4 people
  • Sunday Post-Service Clean – again 2-4 people
  • Sunday Room steward – 3 people (be a point of contact in a designated room)

Please let Pastor Joe know if you can help with one of these jobs.