New Sermons

Lessons From Daniel

One of our members, Josh Mays, gives us insight into the life and ministry of Daniel. In a culture that is increasingly running from the ways of God, Daniel’s life stands as an example to us of how to live in a godless world.

The Great Commission

Following the dramatic events of Jesus’ death and resurrection, Jesus reveals himself to his disciples one last time. In this last scene before Jesus ascends to be with his Father in Heaven, he makes the remarkable claim that he has all authority over all things but he also leaves his disciples with the promise of his presence as they go out on mission to make disciples. Tune in this week as Pastor Ben helps us to understand the significance of…

Witnesses of Resurrection

It seemed as though the story of Jesus had finished in tragedy. Betrayed, falsely found guilty, executed on a cross, pronounced dead, buried, hidden behind a stone, and guarded by experienced soldiers… it seemed a long way from the promise of a Messiah. But as Sunday dawned, the most faithful of Jesus’ followers were about to find out that the story had just begun! Pastor Joe helps us witness the resurrection of Jesus.

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