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Opposition Rises

As Jesus continues his ministry in the city of Jerusalem, he is confronted by people who are intent on bringing down his ministry. They try to do this by posing three tricky questions for Jesus to decipher. Jesus response is saturated with wisdom and insight defuses their malicious intentions.

The Banquet

The good news about Jesus is a message that speaks of God’s incredible generosity where he invites people from far and wide to partake in his Kingdom. But this does not mean that everyone responds to his invitation. In this passage, Jesus shares a parable which speaks of God’s incredible, indiscriminate grace for those who accept God’s invitation and the result for those who choose to ignore it.

The King is Opposed

After Jesus’ glorious entrance into Jerusalem, he is confronted with a group of religious leaders who oppose his ministry and question his authority. These religious leaders are caught up in a wave of envy which blinds them to who Jesus truly is and it eventually leads them to plot putting him to death. Tune in and hear Pastor Ben unpack this encounter showing how sin can blind us but how Jesus can also save us from this blindness

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